Monday, September 29, 2008


So. I went to Anaheim for a Heritage Makers Convention and it was so much fun. Logan came with me and was such a good baby- he absolutely loved this little sling I bought right before the trip. Most people thought it was some kind of bag, then they would look over and say, "Oh my gosh-there's a baby in there!" It was so fun.

The convention was awesome. I am so pumped up to go out and share the power of story with everyone! I just think Heritage Makers is the best company and our products are awesome.

After the convention we all went to Disneyland and took a HUGE group photo. We walked around, went on some rides.. ate some yummy food...

Next year our convention is right next to my home-- Las Vegas. And our annual company trip is to a resort in Mexico. I am going to earn a free trip for myself! Super duper fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Logan is 7 weeks old and 13+ pounds (talk about a big baby!) But he doesn't really look chubby (except for the double chin). He's just starting to really smile and we love it. He's such a good baby during the day, although come evening time he has a hard time settling down for bed. We usually end up holding all evening until he's into a really deep sleep and will let us put him down.

Kylee turns 5 on Sunday! Happy Happy Birthday!