Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim time!

We've been taking the kids swimming a lot with it being so HOT. Plus, last summer they were both swimming- Kylee a lot and Alyssa a little. And- they both forgot. So we've been trying to do a lot of refreshing. Kylee's getting pretty daring now, swimming under rafts- going from one end to the other. Alyssa on the other hand won't even go a foot without me holding onto her hands! We'll keep working on it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So, everyone else has a blog- I started to feel left out!

I guess this way everyone can see what an exciting life we are having!!

We just got back from Kylee's dance class. There's at least 15 little girls in her class all trying to do shuffle-tap in a circle. It's so cute and Kylee just loves to dance. Maybe next time I'll get a picture with her in her class.

Other news . . . my sister Jen found out she is having twin boys AND a girl! (at least if the ultrasoun
d proves to be correct). How exciting is that! As for me, I'm just having ONE boy. See my stomach here:

And Alyssa
LOVES puzzles- and is really good at them (hey- I can brag . . . it's my blog) Here she is with her favorite puzzles- and she doesn't even care that she's not fully dressed. What a cute kid!

Another bragging moment . .. I just finished my website- take a look: Thanks to the Rio Salado Web Design class I took (well- basic HTML class). There are still a few things I want to tweak (like getting the pictures to load faster), but I'm happy with the overall look.