Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Laugh

So Logan laughed for the first time a few days ago and I have been trying ever since to get him to do it again- and today he did! A lot! I think he is finally ticklish around his neck and under his arms. So cute! John came home and had him laughing a little too.

So, I think John has found a job that fits his personality and skills.... with Penske. I am so proud of him that I just have to brag a little. He received a promotion 2-3 weeks ago, but he's still been going in early and doing part of his last position. Well- I guess before John took the leasing sales position- his district ranked 50th in terms of having new contacts sign a lease right away. Guess what- the last two weeks- they ranked NUMBER ONE! And one of John's big bosses- the Vice President over the southwest area came to Vegas and spent the day with John. He had John get on a special conference call for people that were considered "shining stars"... and in a meeting with other leasing sales reps- John got pointed out as being the guy to watch. I think it really made John feel good that his hard work was paying off- and was being recognized and appreciated.

John is such a great "people person" that I always thought he would be comfortable in a sales-type job. And with this job every day is different- which is something that John really likes (and needs!) Way to go hubba hubby!